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TTISS-ON is focused on the  promotion of the TTISS-ON program and education. TTISS-ON  resources have made many contributions and developed tools to assist healthcare professionals responsible for identifying and reporting transfusion reactions.

The Ontario Guide for Reporting Transfusion Reactions 

Ontario guide

The revised updated as of November 2019, incorporates changes due to Vanessa’s Law Ontario Guide for Reporting Transfusion Reactions was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Blood Services (CBS), Health Canada (HC) both Marketed Directives and Canada Vigilance program, and various Plasma Derivative Manufacturers.  This is a tool for the Transfusion Medicine Laboratory/Blood Bank (or designate) used to determine reporting requirements when a recipient experiences a transfusion reaction as notification of various blood agencies and programs may be required.

Use thonline automated version of the Ontario Guide for Reporting Transfusion Reactions to find out reporting requirements in just a few easy questions.  All reactions can be entered in the electronic CTAERF form and printed to submit to other agencies.

NEW !! Transfusion Reaction Chart Version 4.0 October 2020!

Transfusion Reaction Chart provides guidance to nurses, physicians and Blood Transfusion
Laboratory personnel on how to identify, investigate and treat transfusion reactions by symptom presentation.

Canadian Transfusion Adverse Event Reporting Form Manual

The Canadian Transfusion Adverse Event Reporting Form (CTAERF) manual provides helpful information on reaction definitions.
TTISS User Manual

Transfusion Reaction Awareness PosterTransfusion-Reaction-Awareness Poster

Watch for new onset of these Signs & Symptoms in the Transfusion Reaction Awareness poster during or up to 8 hours after a transfusion.  It might indicate a transfusion reaction.

Heading Home After a Transfusion

This easy to understand handout can be given to a patient who has had a blood transfusion and is leaving the hospital. It will help the patient understand what symptoms to look out for and what to do if they feel they are experiencing a reaction to the transfusion. Available in English and French:

Heading home EnglishHeading Home French