Become a member of TTISS-ON

Have we missed you?  Become a TTISS-ON participating member and obtain a secure username and password to start reporting reactions and join our team of >90 Ontario hospitals! As a TTISS-ON member you can create your own hospital online database, prepare internal reports, as well as receiving reports TTISS-ON, and be part of the National TTISS program. After joining, Joanne, the TTISS-ON coordinator, will contact you to walk you through entering your first transfusion reaction into the database.

What are the benefits of being a member of TTISS-ON?

As a member of TTISS-ON, you can:

  • Enter your hospital’s information in an electronic CATER form for printing, saving as a PDF, or reporting to other agencies and regulatory authorities.
  • Easily retrieve statistics and graphs detailing your hospital’s data in real time as you enter it.
  • Access your hospital’s adverse transfusion event records for maintaining a historical database and internal reporting.
  • Be included in all hospitals in discussions and annual meetings.
  • Receive annual reports and educational tools.
  • Be able to enter the reaction in an online Canadian Adverse Event Reporting Form for reporting to other agencies and regulatory authorities.