Annual Meeting

Every year, TTISS-ON holds an annual meeting in Toronto, ON with attendees from across the province, including physicians, transfusion safety officers, technologists, RNs, and representatives from Canadian Blood Services and plasma manufacturers. In 2019, the TTISS-ON annual meeting saw attendees from over 35 hospitals and organizations gather for a day of presentations, collaborative case studies, and networking. Past annual meeting topics have included “TACO vs. TRALI”, “Navigating and Reporting Serious Allergic & Anaphylactic Reactions” and “Hemovigilance”.


TTISS-ON is always looking for opportunities to share our work with the transfusion community. One way we connect with our colleagues is at conferences, including the Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM). Our past posters at CTSM have included “Comparison of Hospital Extracted Data of Transfusion Associated Adverse Events to those Reported to the Ontario Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System” in 2019 and “Ontario’s Transfusion Transmitted Injury Surveillance System: New Tools to Reduce Complexity in Adverse Transfusion Event Reporting” in 2017.