Updated to include Vanessa’s Law!! How do I know if a transfusion reaction needs to be reported to Canadian Blood Services or Health Canada?

Updated October 2019, now mandatory reporting of Blood Products directly to Health Canada’s Vigilance Program.  Answer these easy questions to quickly find out whether you need to report an ATE to the Canada Vigilance Program, Health Canada, Marketed Products, Canadian Blood Services or the manufacturer of the Plasma Derivative. Refer to the full UPDATED guide, TTISS Ontario Guide for Reporting Transfusion Reactions” for more detailed explanations.

What transfusion reactions do I need to report to TTISS-ON?

TTISS-ON will take ALL transfusion reactions, including all moderate to severe Adverse Transfusion Events (ATEs) that are not required to be reported to other regulatory agencies (e.g. Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO) and hemolytic reactions due to a mislabelled specimens).  Reporting minor reactions such as allergic, febrile non-hemolytic and delayed serological are optional, while all other transfusion reactions, moderate to severe, are encouraged.